Export to Turkey

Midaz is your local Turkish partner for research, prospecting, entering the market, communication and showcasing.

Export from Turkey

We research your target market and use that information to create strategic marketing plan that works.


We identify existing market products and services and connect you to qualified suppliers available to provide those products and services.


Midaz offers outsourced marketing services with key requirements to any business growth.

About Our Company


Midaz is an international business consultancy and sourcing company which helps business leaders create game-changing international strategies.


The operations of Midaz can be divided into three different categories.


  • Giving consultancy to “Micro to Medium” size export companies which want to make business abroad or increase the level of their export from Turkey.
  • Giving consultancy to foreign companies which want to make investment in Turkey to create and implement strategies that increase momentum and revenue and position them in Turkish market for global success.
  • Sourcing service to local & foreign companies to find reliable and sustainable suppliers from Turkey and abroad.



Sound business planning which incorporates a myriad of issues, e.g. evaluating performance, setting accurate budgets, compliance, staff management, sales and customer service, operations and projected growth.Read More »


Extend your client base by sending the correct message to potential clients. Strong, consistent branding is combined with effective sales strategies based on your ideal customers, and how to reach them.Read More »


Midaz offers a unique and professional service, assisting companies to find strong distributors, agents or partners for their products or services abroad.Read More »


Having a distributor connection is the first step in gaining entry into any market. In order to attain the highest efficiency, a local presence is a key asset for exporters to have.Read More »
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